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The Unsinkable Ship
(Based on a true story)

I was on a voyage from Cadiz (in Spain) to La Coruna (also in Spain). Five minutes on we noticed we were being followed. They were bad pirates as they began to attack us. We brought out our weapons and we started to attack them back. But it was too late and the Pirates made a hole in our ship.

We started to sink. When we got to the bottom we could see dolphins and whales. Then unexpectedly we rose from the bottom, we couldn’t believe what was happening! When we finished fainting another remarkable thing happened we sank again.‘Hey I thought this ship was unsinkable!’ The crew couldn’t believe what was happening.

We gazed at the lovely watery view. Then suddenly out of nowhere, we rose to the surface. When we got to the surface we checked where we were on the map and it said we were on La Coruna. But that couldn’t be. Then suddenly the ship started to transform into an island called (you guessed it) La Coruna.

The crew decided to look around. It was a forest with trees and a river down the middle. We looked towards the sun but then something distracted us. We looked back across the forest and we could see somebody who said, ‘Look beyond what you see….’ So we did and you won’t believe what we saw. We saw our boat bobbing along in the distance.

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